Stop Searching, Start Doing

The character has to jump into the story, into the discomfort and the fear, otherwise the story will never happen. Donald Miller, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

Two months ago I began the drive from my home in Chicago, IL to begin my summer adventure in Colorado Springs, CO to help a friend fulfill her dream of opening a Pure Barre studio. At the time, I imagined a summer of adventure, growth, laughter, good food, new cities, great exercise, and good company. I anticipated magical Instagram worthy scenery, perfect running weather with no humidity, and a city of people who were more focused on health than anywhere I had ever been. It all sounded picture perfect. And to be honest it was all those things, and more. However, had you told me 6 months ago that my summer would look like this, I would have absolutely laughed in your face. This decision to leave home for the summer and join my friend in a city where we knew no one was not easy. I didn’t immediately think this was going to be the most incredible addition to my story. Truly, I was scared, and unsure of what this chapter was going to look like for me.

 So now as my summer comes to a close, I think back to the few weeks where I almost let my fear of the unknown stand in my way of going all in and taking hold of this opportunity. It’s crazy now to think that this part of my story wouldn’t exist had I told myself it was unimaginable or out of my reach. Had I said no, I imagine I would be at home browsing Pinterest, “planning” my future that I was too afraid to take the steps to create. So for what it is worth, I have learned that instead of looking for a future inside your computer screen or reading about someone else’s journey in a book, go out and create the life you dream of. Stop waiting around for an invitation and dive into the adventure. Nothing is going to happen if your ability to dream stops at creating a “Let’s Travel” Pinterest board or by reading Buzzfeed’s “10 Best Cities to Live In Your 20s.” So many opportunities out there are left untaken simply because it is our human nature to stick with what we know and believe that anything outside our box is untouchable. Make choices each day that will string together a story that you are proud to tell and excited to live. Say yes to opportunities that will fulfill you and wake you up each morning ready to write more.